March 14, 2015

Burger King
Sullivan, IN

In Attendance: Mr. & Mrs. Everett Raley, Bob Fiscus & the Mrs., Tim Drake, Stan Drake, Russ Osmond, Walt Williams, Mike Frakes, Travis & Brandy Willison, Jerry Hollingsworth, Tom Morgan, Ron & Beth Deisher, Heather & Jacob

Topics For Discussion:

Dues Must be in April 1, 2015 AU Dues: $25 Individual - $35 Family Club Dues: $10 Individual - $15 Family

Band Order Must be in by March 31st

Old Bird & Young Bird Race Schedule All okay on it!!

2015 Day in the Park will be held July 25th Committees to be formed to help out

Banks of the Wabash Challenge

Currently Stand at 117 birds sent in.

After the Race Series what happens to the birds (3 options) These are just ideas being kicked around, nothing in stone, yet.

1. Breeder may have the bird returned for the shipping cost.

2. If the Breeder chooses the bird maybe auctioned on I-Pigeon.
a. Breeder Supplies a Pedigree a 50/50 split breeder/club
b. No Pedigree the Club Retains 100%
c. If not sold Handler retains the bird

3. Breeder may choose for the bird to be raced in the BOW Yearling Series 300 400 500 miles
a. $100 entry fee
b. Club retains 10% to help cover expenses of longer races
c. If Breeder does not enter the bird, then the handler has the first option, then if the handler does not enter the bird anyone may pay the entry fee
d. Still need to think about the prize breakdown

AU Sports Promotion Public Awareness/Education & Member Recruitment 110 page document. Will email it to everyone.

Upcoming Auctions and Futurities
1. Blackhawk Futurity
2. Belleville IL Auction March 29th
3. Illini RPC Auction
4. Findley OH Auction

Feed Orders the next shipment of 48 bags should be in the week of March 15th.

15 Show Cages Purchased Available to any member for $17 per section.

President Ron Deisher
Vice President Walt Williams
Secretary Bob Burton
Treasurer Dale Martoglio
Race Secretary Jerry Hollingsworth

Submitted by Ron Deisher


Saturdays in MAY
May 2, 2015 100 Miles - Huey IL
May 9, 2015 150 Miles - Columbia IL
May 16, 2015 200 Miles - Sullivan, MO
May 23, 2015 300 Miles - Phillipsburg, MO
May 30, 2015 400 Miles - Joplin, MO

September 12, 2015 100 Miles - Huey IL Club Race/BOW Optional Trainer
September 19, 2015 150 Miles - Columbia IL Club Race/BOW Optional Trainer

Banks of the Wabash Challenge
September 26, 2015 100 Miles BOW Qualifier
October 3, 2015 150 Miles BOW Points Only
October 10, 2015 200 Miles BOW Points & Capital
October 17, 2015 250 Miles BOW Points & Capital
October 24, 2015 300 Miles BOW Points & Capital


Walt Williams:
Ralph Yagle:
Mike Frakes:
Robert Burton:
Dan Beard:
Jerry Hollingsworth:
Dale Martoglio:
Ron Deisher:
Paul Brown:
Luis Rohrbach:
Russ Osmond:
Bob Fiscus: No Email but Phone is: (618) 928-0598
Tim Drake: No Email but Phone is: (812) 239-6865