February 7, 2015 General Meeting Minutes

The meeting was held at Denny’s south in Terre Haute IN. At 4:10 pm President Ron Deisher opened the meeting. Other officers in attendance were Vice President Walt Williams and Secretary Robert Burton, along with members Ralph Yagle, Mike Frakes, Everett Raley, Stan Drake, Tim Drake, Tom Morgan, Stephen DeGroote, and new members Russ Osmond and Tyler Shupe.

An attendance sheet was distributed to collect members email addresses and contact information. The new members were introduced, Tyler being from the Cloverdale area and Russ mentioned he would be available for the trailer driver.

Treasurer Report
A financial report was submitted indicating a balance of $989.50 A clock was purchased for $550. More perch fees are coming in and dues and bands monies still need to be collected.

Old Business
-- 2016 bands need to be paid for by March 31st.
-- The Old Bird race schedule fees have not been determined at this time. The I-44 Federation Alliance was mentioned as a possible last old bird race in conjunction with St Louis area flyers and other interested clubs flying along I-44 from the west.
-- The Young Bird race schedule was refigured to have a BOW 100 mile qualifier race and a 150 mile points race on September 26th as was originally scheduled.
-- There have been 440 reservations for perches for the BOW. More birds are coming in and need to be distributed to the handlers ASAP. There is the possibility of this race becoming somewhat larger.
-- It was mentioned we need to purchase 6 more shipping crates for the trailer to accommodate shipping to take 6 crates and leave 6 crates.
-- There was a couple of possibilities for the trailer driver discussed.
-- Walt explained to the members about his training trailer and releases on Wednesday and Saturday mornings for anyone wanting to send their birds out.
-- We are still looking for G-2 electronic clocks for sale.
-- Clocking procedures were explained for the new members benefit, that being that on race day a preliminary report is prepared and at the next shipping the actual results are verified.

New Business
-- A GPS unit was discussed in light of recent events so as to add credibility to our races as anyone in the race will have the ability to see the location of the trailer at any given time. It was decided not to purchase an extended battery.
-- A Day In The Park event has been scheduled for July 25th at 11 am Illinois time, and volunteers are welcome to come early to help set up the event. We are looking into purchasing 10 to 15 show cage sections in order to have a 100 bird show. Tyler will check on some for sale and Ron is talking to Jerald Kitchens about purchasing some for $30 apiece.
-- Planning on awarding custom T shirts to BOW winners for this year. Day In The Park T shirts were sold last year and we can have some club T shirts made as well.
-- Fund raisers and auctions were discussed and it was indicated at this time it is not economically feasible to have an auction.
-- There is a new Facebook page for Crossroads Racing Pigeon Club introduced by Robert.
-- Participation in other clubs futurities and races were briefly discussed.
-- There was discussion of a feed store in Sullivan IN handling Des Moines pigeon feed.

There being no further business the meeting was adjourned at 5pm.

Respectfully submitted,
Robert Burton CRPC Secretary


Saturdays in MAY
May 2, 2015 100 Miles - Huey IL
May 9, 2015 150 Miles - Columbia IL
May 16, 2015 200 Miles - Sullivan, MO
May 23, 2015 300 Miles - Phillipsburg, MO
May 30, 2015 400 Miles - Joplin, MO

September 12, 2015 100 Miles - Huey IL Club Race/BOW Optional Trainer
September 19, 2015 150 Miles - Columbia IL Club Race/BOW Optional Trainer

Banks of the Wabash Challenge
September 26, 2015 100 Miles BOW Qualifier
October 3, 2015 150 Miles BOW Points Only
October 10, 2015 200 Miles BOW Points & Capital
October 17, 2015 250 Miles BOW Points & Capital
October 24, 2015 300 Miles BOW Points & Capital


Walt Williams: tbirdloft@yahoo.com
Ralph Yagle: ralphy22@frontier.com
Mike Frakes: championextinguisher@yahoo.com
Robert Burton: prairielandloft@yahoo.com
Dan Beard: Horsekrazy7@yahoo.com
Jerry Hollingsworth: Hoosierboy1978@yahoo.com
Dale Martoglio: martoglioloft@yahoo.com
Ron Deisher: rondeisher@pdqlofts.com
Paul Brown: colts06@ymail.com
Luis Rohrbach: Luis.rohrbach@presencehealth.org
Bob Fiscus: No Email but Phone is: (618) 928-0598
Tim Drake: No Email but Phone is: (812) 239-6865