December 27, 2014 General Meeting

The general meeting was held at Richard's Farm in Casey, IL. Topics of discussion are listed above. 2014 Recognition Awards were presented to all earning 1st places in races, champion bird, champion loft as well as the BOW Awards. There was a great deal of discussion on the 2015 Race Schedule. It was decided by the majority of the members present to adopt the schedule above and to change the BOW Schedule as reflected in the schedule. Also discussed were the finances provided by the BOW and their use. Among the uses discussed and agreed on were reduced old bird flying fees, flying fees for young birds, purchase of available G-2 Clocks on auction sites and facebook. Dues were collect from many members present along with band orders and purchases for the 2016 bands. There was more of a need for advertising after the race than before as most flyers are filled up. The membership thought it to be more favorable to promote the winners of the race than to solicit entries. Day in the Park is set for July 25th after much discussion of County Fairs and the timing of our event. Driver, trailer and the availability of the training trailer was discussed. Officers were elected as well.


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