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Tanner Cloutier's Loft Progess
A Wonderful Family Project!!
Building Memories!!

Wes Harmon
May 8, 1928 - September 4, 2020
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Ralph W. Yagle
March 23, 1932 - July 28, 2018
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Walt's Rack for Crates for Training
He hauls several local members birds for training on a regular basis

2017 Sullivan Co 4-H Fair
July 15, 2017
Champion - Jeremiah Swalls!!
Blue Barless Racing Homer

2017 Young Birds
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Established in the Fall of 2006

But having a long history in the Wabash Valley dating back into the 1960's. We operated as the West Central Indiana Racing Pigeon Club from 1997 until 2006 and prior to that from the 1960s to 1997 as the Sycamore Haven Racing Pigeon Club. One of our members, Walt Williams was one of the original founding members of the Sycamore Haven Racing Pigeon Club.

We have operated in the East Central Illinois and West Central Indiana area during that time span. Our members in Indiana currently are located as far south as the Vincennes, IN area all the way to Terre Haute IN, then in Illinois as far west as Effingham, IL and as far south as Sumner, IL!!

Our purpose is to provide fun, friendly competitive events for our members. It is our desire to provide learning opportunities for new and existing members, therefore aiding the sport in our area to grow. We encourage youth to join us and will help with designing lofts and providing guidance in the care of birds.

All 4-Hers are welcome, that was where we started as a club back in the 1960s. We provide all the help you need in your 4-H projects!!

of the
Banks of the Wabash Challenge

Affordable Alternative to High Priced Races!!
Multi-Race Futurity!!
Payouts in THREE Races!!
High Point Bird Payouts as Well!!

Our Goal when we first started designing this race was to provide an affordable alternative to high priced one loft races and futurities. It is our goal to give our members the opportunity to race your birds in a competitive environment where the entrants experience real life race conditions of multiple lofts actually competing!! All this done at a very low cost perch fee that will fund club operations and expenses, you are paying no one's salary or lining anyone's pocket!! We are working for the benefit of our local club and its new members!! We are not, as a club, in this race to improve our breeding stock or our old bird race teams, therefore for the cost of shipping, birds will be returned to their breeders!! Thank you for giving us the opportunity to fly and compete with your best!!

Respectfully, The Members of the Crossroads Racing Pigeon Club


Walt Williams: tbirdloft@yahoo.com
Mike Frakes: championextinguisher@yahoo.com
JD Cloutier: jackcloutier89@gmail.com
Scott Dean: DeanFamilyRacingPigeons@gmail.com
Jerremy Swalls: sullivanco7729@yahoo.com
Darrin Swalls: d_swalls@yahoo.com
Jeff Jones: jjloft@yahoo.com Phone is: (765)721-2331
Larry Sample: lsample7581@gmail.com
Alex Singleton: alex.singleton@nethere.com
David Hamenstafer: tatertot.123@outlook.com
John Sankey: jsankey77@gmail.com
Ron Deisher: pdqlofts@gmail.com
Tom Morgan: tgmorgan.mymail@yahoo.com Phone is: 765-245-1413
Steve DeGroote: coachdegroote@gmail.com
Jerry Hollingsworth: Hoosierboy1978@yahoo.com